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    Dubai Property Management

    MHM Real Estate brings buyers together with sellers, tenants with property owners and investors with developers in both the UAE’s residential and commercial property markets. As a company, we believe in transforming property management and we are proud to do things differently to accomplish this. At MHM, we can manage your individual property or portfolio, no matter how large or small the property is

    As your sole point of contact, all your property pains are taken over by our expert property management consultant team – including

    Legal Assistance
    Rent Analysis
    Rent Collection
    MHM Legal Values

    MHM Real Estate has strong expertise in legal and lawful aspects as per Dubai Land Department and other legal departments for real estate documentation. We can save you with any landlord/tenant, buyer/seller legal issues. We can prepare commercial or residential leases, help with legal compliance, and represent you in an eviction action.

    Furthermore, MHM represents buyers and sellers throughout the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate. This includes the review, negotiation and/ or drafting of legal contracts.

    A successful real estate closing is a complex procedure and involves many legal procedures, MHM work closely with all parties to ensure an efficient, on-time, safe and successful closing. MHM legal team examine every aspect of the contract with care to ensure that all the information is accurate, free from negligence, fraud and breach of obligations.


    Transparent start of association with the tenant. Experienced and dedicated staff trained in all aspects of inspection, snagging, tenant handover procedures, documentation and developer handover assistance. Examined and perfect property handover supported by transparent documents record. Registration of DEWA and other utilities.

    Comprehensive Pricing Approach

    We have a comprehensive pricing approach that is acceptable for the landlord as well as the tenant. Appropriate budget estimating and cash flow execution. Maximum application of each quality asset feature.

    Specialized Marketing

    We go in search of value tenants to guarantee your property is proactively marketed 24/7. Our priority is to discover the best possible tenants in the shortest possible timeframe. We advertise your property with maximum possible property portals in UAE, we use social platforms, google adwords, mobile targeting, content marketing, email marketing, word of mouth as we have big number of existing clients and utilizing many other offline marketing channels.

    Tenancy Management

    We do all the tenancy documentation for you from tenant screening to handing over the keys, so you don’t have to go through all the irritation and don’t have to be bothered about any documents, legal formalities, municipality, developers, banks or government entities.

    Preventive Maintance & Asset Preservation

    A property is usually the major asset an individual, company or organization will own. Lacking regular Preventative Property Maintenance, the property will degrade, reducing the asset worth. MHM Property Preventative Property Maintenance needs to guarantee your assets are compliant and functioning. A schedule can ensure that routine maintenance and repair works are implemented to ease out peaks and troughs in the yearly maintenance cost cycle of a property and guarantee that the asset worth of the property is maintained or enhanced.

    Tenant Mobile App

    We modernize the way communication & basic complications are handled between property managers and their tenants. Immediate maintenance reporting, round the clock communication and support MHM honest, professional consultation, expert legal channel and technology determined essential approach is what keeps MHM moving forward. With our salient features we are always miles beyond of the market to create perceptible difference and make life easier to our clients; MHM pride itself by constantly having stable tenants, well preserved property assets that produces the highest yield to the property-owners.